Gestion Immobilière Langlois

Living harmoniously together is everyone's business!

  • Building regulations

    For all of our buildings, we have adopted a Code of Conduct for tenants based on the specific characteristics of the buildings and basic civility that all tenants have a right to expect from their neighbours.

    • Always be polite and respectful with the staff and your neighbours.
    • Make your rent payment on the first (1) of the month at the building manager’s office.
    • Animals are forbidden (no exceptions).
    • Do not feed pigeons or stray animals.
    • Do not make unnecessary noise, play loud music, have loud parties or noisy visitors.
    • Do not install satellite dishes or antenna.
    • Do not installa washer or dryer in your apartment,except where facilities permit.
    • No garbage bags, personals effects, furniture or carpets in corridors or back stairs.
    • Do not dispose of oil in your sink, washbasin or toilet.
    • No smoking in the building, except in your apartment with the door closed.
    • Do not unplug or damage smoke and heat detectors or sprinklers.
    • Do not open your apartment door if there is smoke from cooking or other sources. Open a window instead.
    • Aerate your apartment by regularly opening your windows. The humidity in your apartment will be more comfortable.
    • Do not leave windows open when you are absent.
    • Do not apply dark paint or wallpaper on the walls of your apartment.
    • When you move, your apartment and appliances must be clean and the apartment walls must be white.
  • Maintenance and repairs

    Gestion Immobilière Langlois maintains its buildings on a regular basis. We care about your comfort and safety.

    Our building managers and concierges maintain their buildings every day according to an established plan and schedule. Our team of support workers carries out major repairs and technical work.

    Using external service providers, we also carry out ad hoc inspections and preventive maintenance of various mechanical and fire safety equipment.

    To do this, we must regularly enter certainapartments and sometimes all apartments. To minimize any inconvenience, we attempt to notify you as soon as possible.

      For this purpose:

    • Please read notices posted in the buildings by managers and concierges.
    • Do not change your apartment lock or add an additional lock without the management’s permission. You must give us a key, in the event of an emergency.
    • Do not install an alarm system without the management’s permission. You must give us the code to deactivate the system, in the event of an emergency.
  • Administration

    To make your stay in our buildings more enjoyable, here are some tips.

    Always contact your manager or building superintendent for any requests for information, services, repairs, etc.

    Comments on the conduct of other tenants or staff must be sent to us in writing only. Verbal and telephone complaints will not be taken into consideration.

    After a verbal warning and a formal letter, delinquent tenant files are forwarded without further notice or delay to the Régie du logement.

  • « I’ve been living in the 1420 Towers building since 2012 and the building’s administration lives up to my expectations. The building is clean and the staff is polite. I love living in downtown Montreal and my neighbours are respectful. »

    Jean-André, Broker (Towers 2014)

  • « I’m a student and my budget is limited. I found the accommodation I was looking for at Berri: warm, safe, quiet and near a metro station to quickly get to the Université de Montréal. Thank you to the entire team for these 3 great years. »

    Marie-Claire, Student (Berri 2014)

  • « I’ve been working irregular hours in the restaurant industry for several years. I found a quiet and comfortable environment to live in at 6530 Boyer. I can rest during the day or night, as the place is not too noisy. I don’t own a car and I can easily get to work since the Beaubien metro is right nearby. I’m going to renew my lease again this year for the sixth time! »

    Fernando, Cook (Boyer 2014)